Sushi, Sashimi, and Rolls Galore

At Chow Time in Panama City, FL, our skilled sushi chefs start every day by preparing fresh, handmade sushi in more than 20 different varieties to be served at our sushi bar. From California rolls to nigiri sushi to sashimi, we have a little bit of everything here.

What's more, we offer our sushi bar at a price you can afford. It's hard to find a better deal on sushi anywhere in Dade County. Visit Chow Time today to see what we offer and enjoy a delicious sushi lunch or dinner!

Buffet Options

If you're looking for more than just sushi, you can head over to our buffet section, where you'll find crab legs, fried oysters, boiled shrimp, grilled salmon, sesame chicken, peanut chicken, teriyaki chicken, Peking duck, and a whole host of other tasty choices! We offer a few American options in addition to our Oriental cuisine, plus salad, fruit, pastries, and ice cream.

Hibachi Dinners

Finally, don't forget to stop by our hibachi grill for a special dinner treat complete with flames! We have plenty of menu options to create the perfect hibachi dinner.

For more information about the current selection at our sushi bar, please call us at 850-914-0888 today