Traditional Japanese Grilling

The Japanese hibachi grill is one of the highlights here at Chow Time in Panama City, FL. Our guests get to enjoy building their own dinner by choosing from a selection of ingredients, such as rice, noodles, meat, vegetables, and sauces.

Then, one of our experienced hibachi chefs takes what they've prepared and cooks it up in a hibachi grill—adding a little flame and fanfare to make things interesting, of course. The speed, skill, and flair involved in this traditional form of Japanese grilling will delight your eyes and leave you hungry for more!


If you're in the mood for another course, Chow Time also offers 10 fully stocked buffets that feature all kinds of gourmet Oriental and American cuisine. (Link "buffets" to Buffet page) Every day, we fill them up with things like fresh boiled shrimp, grilled salmon, sesame chicken, peanut chicken, teriyaki chicken, steak, crawfish, and clams—and that's just to name a few!

We also have sushi, salad, fruit, and pastry bars as well as an ice cream station for a sweet way to end your meal.

To learn more about our hibachi dinners and the various meal options available,
please give us a call today at 850-914-0888